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Puckering Time

It's now or never.


Yes, I did it! A month without a post! This is self-fulfillment to the exponential level!


No, the bomb/LPG did not get me. I wasn't even at Glorietta today, and I haven't been to the place for a longish time because I now take a different route going home. This afternoon while I was trying to lose consciousness my eardrums were disturbed by a phone ring. It was mine. My sister was trying to contact me for inexplicable reasons. Prior to this seemingly Apocalyptic event of it all, she sent me a message asking me for my whereabouts. Because I was on the verge of closing my eyelids, I figuratively threw away my phone, and seconds after my phone began to ring again. I answered it, my sister on the other line, still asking my whereabouts. I croaked, "Sa bahay (At home.)." She thought I was outside. At Glorietta. I just love my sister.

Whoever perpetrated this heinousness, you will die, son of a bitch. You're going to pay for this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, it may not even involve you, but let's hope for the worst. I doubt if you're reading this, much less if you know how to read, and my skepticism is further elevated with the fact that you're an invalid asshole who doesn't know anything but sow fear and panic. You're a weenie. Now that Glorietta 2 had been blown up, chances are I wouldn't be able to set foot on the mall's tiles anymore. The hell with you. I fart in your general direction! I burst my pimples at you! Don't quote me for that, I will deny it.

To everyone, keep safe. Don't go out just yet. Wait for further instructions.
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At Sat Oct 20, 03:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous retorts...

Hehe. Buti at wala ka dun. Muntik na kami pumunta ng Glorietta kahapon. Thank God talaga. Hmm. Haha. Wala ako ma-comment. Binuhos ko na sa post ko. Haha.    

At Sun Oct 21, 09:36:00 AM, Blogger Jed retorts...

we were supposed to watch the 11th hour sa glorietta nung araw na yun. buti na lang maaga kami nainform sa pangyayari na yun. tapos ayun, minove na pala sa trinoma yung the 11th hour. hay. buti na lang.

yeah, may that motherfucker die. fuck that bastard, ngayon mahirap na magpaalam para gumimik dahil sa kanya! grr.    

At Mon Oct 22, 09:26:00 PM, Blogger Skye retorts...

i was at galleria that time... good thing that bombman didn't put his evil plans to test there. it has been said that the "bomb" might actually not be a bomb afterall.. an LPG explosion and other angles are entertained as of now.

good thing was, my mom had still let me go to the Fort that night and enjoy a night out at Embassy. nyahaha! i was actually ready to present facts on why i should be allowed to go out when my mom called and said i can still go out as planned. yoohoo!    

At Tue Oct 30, 03:30:00 AM, Anonymous Jhed retorts...

Thank God I was at the hospital when all this mumbo-jumbo happened. And thank God you weren't there as well.

So, blogging is a monthly thing now? LOL! Come back, you! Haha!    

At Tue Oct 30, 09:33:00 AM, Blogger Mike retorts...

Gerome: matagal na rin akong hindi napupunta sa Glorietta eh. Trinoma palagi, hehe..

jed: well, ako walang problema sa gimik, hahaha! may threat man o wala, go pa rin, haha!

skye: wow, embassy. haha. your mom has probably put enough trust in you and the powers that be that she knows that you'd be safe wherever you go. :)

jhed: yeah, thank God talaga. haha, sorry naman ha, busy kasi ako nang bongga. hihi.. :)

to everyone, sorry for not updating this site on a very regular basis, and for not dropping by your respective blogs. i'd be more responsible this time around, hahaha. thanks. :)    

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