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Puckering Time

It's now or never.


Barely a few weeks ago while my dad and I were driving our way home, and tuned in to DZMM’s broadcast of TV Patrol World, I heard this news about him. When his name was mentioned it reverberated inside my head and my brain immediately scanned through the pages of my memory bank, leafing every single folio of the names of casual acquaintances I’ve met in three years of my stay in UP. Unfortunately his name wasn’t scribbled in it. Then I found out after two, three days that the guy I overheard from a news flash report was my friend’s classmate.

He was, my friend said, a very nice guy – by nice I presume it meant something else, but I didn’t bother interrupt my friend when she was in reminiscing mode. “Medyo close lang naman kami,” my friend recalled while gazing upwards on our tambayan’s tent’s ceiling. Although I’m from CAL – the College of Arts and Letters, the acronym being the most commonly used jargon in UP – I rarely go to the College’s building unless I have official business to do there, i.e. class, and I am always present at the AS building – the Palma Hall, non-UPians. Being a devout loiterer of the AS building I am pretty sure I have seen Cris before, when and where and how it happened I already forgot. In case you didn’t know Cris Anthony Mendez died from serious internal hemorrhage incurred from fraternity hazing. My thesaurus didn’t find the word “hazing” itself, but it suggested a related term, “haze,” meaning state of obscurity, dazed, tranced. If these were the implied definitions in fraternity hazing, it could be that neophytes, just inches away from being true-blooded members of their respective frats, are supposed to be in a considerable level of being out of kilter. This is only a theory for I am no frat man myself, but if you analyze the term and it’s contextual projected use, there should be no mention of the word that starts with a letter D and rhymes with Death (you get my point, I presume), right? But it happened, had recently happened, and it will continually happen IF authorities concerned would just shrug their calloused shoulders in the faces of the victims’ bereft. Of course, we see some valuable effort in trying to figure the whereabouts of the perpetrators, but it just isn’t enough. You can have all alumni drop off their membership, and the stench remains. We don’t have to wait until every aspiring brod turns into an amorphous mass of tissues and muscles, unless of course they advocate the idea in which case we have to assault them with battering rams. I couldn’t be so pessimistic and apathetic – he’s from my school, I should give a fart. Let’s hope the investigations carry on and all efforts will not be futile. Don’t raise that white flag yet or I’ll have to stuff your throat with a flagpole. We can’t bring Cris to life, but we can do something to revive the hopefulness of the distressed.

My friend fondly remembers Cris having danced the song “Bebot” in their class. He cavorted with glee, and I guess a little feeling of embarrassment, but they had fun. Now, Cris will be fondly remembered.


Horrifying news in UP. Smoking is now banned – can you believe that, in UP? Last Thursday my friend Anne and I were having snacks at one certain canteen at the Faculty Center, smoking in the process, when this security guard shoveled on me pieces of junk paper of what may have been a memorandum from wherever-it-came-from-the-hell-I-care. The guard was mumbling gibberish to me, which I totally ignored but I assume he was explaining something in Swahili. Having quickly perused the memo I didn’t quite read everything in it, but it sure contained the words “BAN,” “STUDENTS,” and “FROM SMOKING.” What the.

You have to be a smoker to say that there really is no point in doing all these. But of course nothing can dissuade us. We still smoke even in the designated NO SMOKING areas. I just feel bad that our suki had all their stocks of cigarette withdrawn from their shelves. Now we have to buy yosi outside the campus. How sadistic can it get? Even my professors who are smokers totally disagree with such a stupid move for the simple reason that it is stupid and not well thought of. For one, the campus is so huge the authorities concerned wouldn’t be able to monitor every single person inside the campus’ premises – how would you keep a c. 500-ha university free from cigarette smokers? And can’t they pass a very useful law for the benefit of every one else? Besides, I have this weird feeling that one or two of the proponents of this law are smokers. Don’t try bludgeoning me with facts about the risks of smoking – I’ve heard all of them.

The more stupid thing is, they’re trying to ban students from smoking but they can’t even do something about frat-related issues. Says much about the officials, don’t you think?

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At Wed Sep 19, 10:06:00 PM, Anonymous Juice retorts...

I doubt that smoking ban will work in the long run. Too impossible. It's doesn't even work in my campus, and we have less than a hundred students. What about UP the big-ass university? Just give it time, it will go away. Haha.

Smoking didn't kill Cris. Why don't they ban fraternities instead?    

At Thu Sep 20, 02:37:00 PM, Blogger Billycoy retorts...

Smoking banned na sa UP Campus... hmm thats' a jeep away para lang makapagyosi.    

At Thu Sep 20, 05:48:00 PM, Blogger Billycoy retorts...

wala namang sinabing bawal mag-marijuana or drugs sa campus di ba?    

At Thu Sep 20, 10:51:00 PM, Anonymous Skye retorts...

Smoking has been banned for a long time in our campus: UP Manila. It's about time they implemented such measures in yours... just to be fair! lol! But I guess the administration has been acting on prevention instead of cure, in terms of health conditions. As for the safety situations regarding fraternities, I think they don't have the balls to dissolve organizations (with well-known, rich and respected people as members) that has been around for years...

LOL at Billycoy. Well, you do have to smoke in order to take in marijuana, not unless you like to eat it (like I do). The rule did not say "smoking cigarettes are banned." I guess this implies that every form of smoking is banned: smoking marijuana, smoking from a bong, smoking cigarettes... Hmm, but that does mean that I can take Ecstasy in the campus. It's just a small tablet anyway. Hurrah!    

At Sat Sep 22, 10:25:00 AM, Blogger Mike retorts...

juice: it wouldn't. it really wouldn't. even the guards who are supposed to reprimand those who are caught are seen puffing and all. how's that for sheer irony?

billycoy: hindi na kelangan magjeep kasi kahit sa may mga tindahan lang pwede na magyosi.

marijuana. wala. siguro okay dun.

skye: they're impinging our rights! boo! hihi. but like i said, they wouldn't be able to monitor everyone. and that's for sure.    

At Sat Sep 22, 10:48:00 PM, Anonymous utakGAGO retorts...

Wala pang smoking ban sa LB. But well, malalaki naman ang puno dun so I guess it's not going to be difficult for smokers to hide.    

At Sun Sep 23, 10:05:00 PM, Anonymous Dan Hellbound retorts...

At my campus, smoking is strictly prohibit. Obvious naman eh kasi Catholic school.

Teka Mike. May nagsabi sakin na kayang bagalan ng paninigarilyo ang metabolism ng isang tao? True?    

At Mon Oct 01, 06:05:00 PM, Blogger zeus retorts...


smoking banned at up?


ust had a success in banning smoking in the campus but at the single moment you step out of the campus,smoke gets in your eyes,literally


good luck for up


kaya yan...


At Thu Oct 04, 10:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous retorts...

Haha. Oo nga raw. 'Yun din ang balita ko. Anyhow, matagal na siyang banned sa UPM. Peste, nasabe na pala 'yun ni Skye. Haha.

Hmm, sana naman inaasikaso ng UP administration 'yung case ni Cris Mendez. Biglang tumahimik eh. Anu na palang updates?    

At Mon Oct 15, 11:04:00 PM, Blogger Dee Nermal? retorts...

Kinilabutan ako...

Laughtrip lang 'yung pagba-ban ng yosi e si manong guard nga nagyo-yosi.    

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