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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

The Deathly Callous

Harry Potter 7 is now out. So?

I was never curious about Harry Potter. For some reason or so ever since the first book went to circulation and the first movie which happened to a blockbuster hit a couple of years ago, I did not feel a sense of responsibility or whatsoever to know what the commotion was all about. I am very proud to say that I haven’t seen any of the HP movies, and haven’t read any of the seven books. I am a happy citizen for I am spared of the problems incurred during the brain tweaking process. There’s no need to contemplate answers for inundated questions, viz. Who’s going to kick the bucket in the last series? Why did J.K. Rowling vanquish (put name of character here)? What is her intention in doing so? Why? Why not? What happened to Voldemort’s nose if that would be called a nose to being with? Why are people so engrossed with a bunch of witches? Technically we have our own adaptation of witches here, although they don’t look so aesthetically sound, but then both versions do witchcraft, so why choose the imported and good-looking (I reviewed this question over, and suddenly I realized the most logical answer for this.)? If Harry dies, are we expecting liberation of thoughts from most HP barmy fanatics? If he doesn’t, will there be an eighth book? A ninth? What about a tenth? If J.K. Rowling dies, who will get the grand royalties from her books and movies? If she doesn’t, is it a big deal?

While the whole world rejoices at the height of this trend, I am expecting the following to take place.

  • Harry Potter mall tours, provided the event coordinators could persuade the whole cast of HP, which equates to vast sums of greenbacks
  • Harry Potter look-alike contests in Eat Bulaga
  • Harry Potter merchandises featuring the limited edition close-up of Voldemort’s nose
  • Harry Potter costume party – tops, for it happened in Greenbelt
  • Harry Potter signature eyeglasses
  • Harry Potter undergarments
  • Harry Potter Bar and Restaurant along Tomas Morato
  • Limited edition Havaianas Hava-HP series
  • Harry Potter Musical
  • The Best of Harry Potter compilation CD
  • Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Harry Potter
  • Apple iPotter, the successor of the iPod
  • Starbucks HarRonMione Blended Frappuccino. The taste, I absolutely have no idea.
  • Official Harry Potter and the Gobbler of Fire, Brimstone, and Scorpions fans’ club

Ignorance is bliss. What does not kill me makes me stronger.

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At Sat Jul 21, 11:19:00 PM, Anonymous Skye retorts...

This cracked me up so damn hard. I loved the Starbucks idea. Hahaha!    

At Sat Jul 21, 11:21:00 PM, Anonymous YNA retorts...

Why, the post also made me laugh! The total opposite of my latest post. Tss.

Anyway, it's enjoyable. Like a sweet, sweet candy. I don't know why I compared HP to that. But I enjoy it nonetheless. LOL.    

At Sun Jul 22, 09:41:00 AM, Anonymous cars retorts...

omg. you've missed half of your life! haha. kidding. ohwell. to each his own.

addiiict. haha! ang kulit ng ideas mo ah.    

At Sun Jul 22, 11:01:00 AM, Blogger Jigs retorts...


Your expectations are utterly frightful. And what makes it that horrific is because they are not so farfetched thoughts!

HP is entertaining, but like you, it doesn't rule my world.    

At Sun Jul 22, 11:30:00 AM, Blogger karlee retorts...

Goodluck sa expectation! :P

lagi nman may soundtrack.. .db?

hindi ako fan ng HP.. :| anyways. salamat sa pagdalaw sa blog ko :)    

At Sun Jul 22, 02:28:00 PM, Blogger Billycoy retorts...

apple ipotter? ano ginagawa nun? umipot ng umipot?    

At Mon Jul 23, 07:53:00 AM, Blogger Mike retorts...

skye: i just don't know how the coffee taste like. it must be horrible.

yna: candy? HP? Harry Potter candy. with freebies inside! collect them now! Per DOH-BFAD Permit No. (12.5)^-19 Series of 2007.

cars: well, ignorance is bliss. hahaha.

jigs: frightful because HP is equally frightful to me. terribly frightful, frightfully terrible. gosh.

karlee: at last! someone i know who's not an HP fan! oh yes. haha.

billycoy: uu, tas bigla-biglang magpo-projectile ihi habang nagba-browse ka ng HP soundtracks.    

At Mon Jul 23, 10:36:00 AM, Anonymous Juice retorts...

My favorite has got to be the iPotter. Loved it! Hahaha. All your questions are swimming in my head now Mike. *points wand at you*

Hahah seriously, I love Harry Potter but I'm not crazy about Harry Potter or live for it or would do anything just to get the book on the first day or watch the movie the time it comes out. I merely enjoy the story, the great imagination the author has and simply admire her for it. It's pretty much been part of me but I won't die when it goes. :)

Hopefully there won't be too much of a Harry Potter overload. I'm not making myself get into the HP hype and frankly it's getting pretty sickening reading exaggerated whatnot articles around. Hahaha. I'm just taking my time and enjoying myself like a reader would do.    

At Mon Jul 23, 01:11:00 PM, Anonymous utakGAGO retorts...

Ano kayang lasa ni Hermione at Ron sa Starbucks? Lol. And Apple IPotter!? Lol! Invisible earphones and lots of magical music huh?

Grabe. Gudlak sa Harry Potter Bar and Resto. =))    

At Mon Jul 23, 08:02:00 PM, Blogger Mike retorts...

juice: even before the book and film versions went out, there was HP overload. whenever my friends talk about it, i feel like i'm watching a bunch of apes in National Geographic, haha. and yeah, it's starting to get sickening. a few more and i'll take a court order barring everyone to spill any HP information to the public.

utakgago: hindi ko rin alam, kevin. Apple iPotter has preloaded HP muzak in it. Unfortunately, although both can be bent, the headphones' as huge as the broom sticks.

HP Resto Bar is probably seeking building permit from the mayor.    

At Mon Jul 23, 10:50:00 PM, Blogger Jhed retorts...

I haven't read any of the HP books and I was only dragged to watch the HP movies. (So far though, I haven't missed any HP movie.. except for the latest one).

Hermione's coffee will taste like a... umm... muggle! LOL. [Is it muggle? I have no idea.]    

At Tue Jul 24, 02:57:00 AM, Blogger The King retorts...

For someone who hasnt read the book, andami mo alam at nasabi ah, hehe!

"Starbucks HarRonMione Blended Frappuccino. The taste, I absolutely have no idea."
> I'd definitely try this, haha!

I like HP. Pero nabuhay naman ako sa pahiram-hiram at pagdownload ng ebook. I super love the story, but I'm not an addict wherein I would buy other HP merchandise and all that stuff.    

At Tue Jul 24, 08:25:00 PM, Blogger Mike retorts...

jhed: the books and the movies are two different autonomous identities. one should not expect, at the very least, that the movie version would be so faithful in relaying all what is found in the book. wala lang, nasabi ko lang.

I don't know what muggle is, haha.

the king: kasi naririnig ko yang mga yan, kaya mukhang may alam ako.

aha! ebooks. i'm an advocate of the intellectual property rights! hahahaha.    

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