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Puckering Time

It's now or never.


I'm a demented Apple fan.

I knew it, Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple company will surely come out with a bizarre idea to trump mobile phone manufacturers with their fairly impressing innovation. Aside from the picture here, I haven’t seen the actual phone but according to news reports the iPhone is the slimmest quad band “smart phone” measuring only 0.46 inches in width, 4.5 inches in height, the length is 2.4", and weighs 135 grams. Heavy. The company executive said the iPhone is better than any smart phone produced by their competitor Microsoft, but judging from certain specifications mentioned in the PDI, it seems that Steve Jobs hasn’t heard about being faddish; maybe he was too busy looking for the softwares to be included in his invention. For instance, we’ve all heard about 2 megapixel cameras, mobile Internet (we already had WAP way, way before 3G and Wi-Fi came out), quad bands, MP3 players for mobile phones – come on, Steve, you could have done so much better. The only thing that sets the iPhone different is its operating system; it runs on Mac OS X, and I think it is also the same format as with the Apple computers. Hey, is that the Leopard? My favorite web browser, Safari, is included, and the WWW can be accessed via Wi-Fi - yeah! - or EDGE. I prefer the former for obvious reasons.

The iPhone will soon arrive here in Asia by 2008, and I believe by that time a lot of people are stir-crazy and foaming at the mouth with this one of a kind gadget. It is not as badly priced as one could think, and it’s much cheaper than the O2 XDA Atom. According to reports, the 4 GB version is about $499 and the 8 GB one is around $599. Not bad for a good start.

If I were a real impulsive buyer I wouldn't think about shelling out 30 grand for a nifty gadget like the iPhone. Or maybe I could fly all the way to the States. Come to think of it: it’s like having a Mac in your pocket.

Visit the Apple website for more details.

*Photo courtesy of Apple
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At Fri Jan 12, 01:23:00 AM, Blogger utakgago retorts...

long live the techie boy!

honestly, 2nd time ko lang narinig yang iphone na yan. a schoolmate told me about it, and i was like.. "ok." haha.

almost 500 dollars?

sulit, pero di ko kaya.. hahaha.    

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