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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

This is not an excuse

It’s good to be back. This is my, uhh, new blog site. If you could still remember my old blog address, I suggest you not to drop by for it has been deleted for all eternity, posts included. For one whole month I’ve been doing a test drive whether I should continue using Blogger or not. And it did not fail me.

I said test drive because it really was a test drive. I did an experiment. I’m not sure whether I could count it as a participant observation but I think it’s a bit close to that. Blogging has become a popular avenue for one’s creative juices (intellectual masturbation, as they say), given the number of people subscribing to their choice of blogging service. They all give themselves the freedom to write just about anything that interest them, no matter how bland or thrilling the contents may be; the catch is whether your entries would draw the bloghopper’s attention or just leave your page as it was. Readers may find themselves perusing your blog, deciphering the content, and if it gives them a blow on their heads they might as well leave a comment or violent reaction, whichever deems fit.

Going back to my topic. I conducted a test on my own blog and I gathered remarkable results. Round end of November I sort of wondered if people would be so much affected by other people’s lack of intellectual property rights. I prepared myself for any impending disaster that could probably inflict me. Since I have a high tolerance for written and verbal charges I resolved not to engage in any psychological tests, and proceeded to perform the experiment. This is what I did. From all blogs and write-ups I’ve read, I would pick the most interesting ones and put it in my own blog and claim them as my own published entries. In other words, I plagiarized. Out of 57 blog entries from my previous blog, nine were bootlegged from other blog sites without the author’s permission. For maximum effect there were no citations included in those nine freaking blog entries; these were nine posts from November to December, not counting the last six posts in the latter. Then after a week or two I visited the blog sites where I filched the said posts and see what had happened.

Surprisingly, in my own blog, it’s as if nothing was taking place – no one left a comment, but I had this feeling that a soul did some browsing in my site until I checked out my good reliable “sources” and I knew I was missing some action. At least four people have managed to view my site and they were raving, foaming at the mouth about my “rudeness.” They generously labeled my blog as a clone, and that I have proven all humanity that I fulfilled a prophecy about the cloning of this certain personage. They were so bothered that one even dared me to some physical match; he would beat the hell out of me.

Okay, so much for the information gathered. Now I realize how people would react to those instances. I know, what I did was not the right thing but I did so for a purpose. I don’t know if those distressed people could read this but in any case, my apologies. At this point you might be thinking twice about my legitimacy, my credibility as a blogger. Let me just clarify that the copy-paste entries were not the whole 57-entry blog; only nine were pirated. The remaining 48 were created out of sheer boredom inside the four corners of my room or in an unfortunate coffee shop. I get my inspiration to write from the books I’ve read, the blogs I’ve browsed, or simply from my own life experiences. They may sound a bit similar to what you may have read somewhere, but I assure you they are authentic.

To those whom I have awfully offended I hope I have made this clear. And to everyone who’s attempting to highlight that selection in your screen, and paste it in your blog, please. For the love of God, stop dragging and hitting the mouse buttons, much less the Publish Post command. You’re going to be disappointed.
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At Sun Dec 31, 12:55:00 AM, Blogger utakgago retorts...

Have I read those posts? Ewan. So far, I have nothing against you or your credibility.

:D Good thing, you're back. :)    

At Sun Dec 31, 10:08:00 PM, Blogger Mike retorts...

I don't know because nobody left a comment or anything. I hope you didn't. Horrible when that happens. Ü    

At Sat Jun 01, 11:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous retorts...

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