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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

Goodbye, eardrums.

Last year the ingenuity of Pinoys was made known to the greater public when Caviteños introduced a revolutionary invention that had successfully replaced classical pyrotechnics, the PVC cannon which is more popularly known as PVC boga or simply boga. Boga is made from a long usually bulky PVC pipe (Sanimold by Moldex is much preferred) that functions as the barrel, a firing mechanism which ignites the ammo, i.e. denatured alcohol, and a grip. If the inventor chooses to be creative, he can include accessories such as another grip at the middle of the barrel, a viewfinder in case one is finding a fortunate target, tripods, or wheels if he is planning to give it a resemblance to a howitzer. No matter how artistic the creator wants to be, the most important thing for him to remember is the intensity and loudness of the detonation.

I got to try firing a boga. At first I hesitated because I am always reminded of boga-related incidents I saw on TV but when I pulled my first trigger, it was quote-unquote a freaking supernova. You cannot imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard my first bang. The explosion was so loud I felt my eardrums shattering into bits. Whenever I fired the boga it always leaves my ears ringing for about a minute. But I didn’t care. My cousin who proudly produced ten humongous PVC cannons briefly explained to me how the boga works. When you pull the trigger the two wires made from I think copper create sparks that ignite the denatured alcohol that is sprayed at the breech mechanism. I peeked inside the barrel and I saw three or four cans, cut in half, and mysteriously placed near the breech. These assist the boga in producing that ear-splitting blast. According to my cousin, if one of those cans were destroyed the boga wouldn’t work anymore.

Extreme care is needed in order to operate the boga. One should keep both ends of the barrel away from humans, unless you intentionally fire the boga right in front of their faces, in which case, your enemies. Another is that the breech mechanism must not be pointing at you or in any part of your body so that in case of an accidental explosion you are far from being a handicap. Also while “refueling” the boga one should never play with the firing mechanism. The explosion at the breech mechanism is much more dangerous because it’s nearer the ignition wires. The need for ear plugs or any means of protection for one’s hearing is optional. I said optional because the strident blasts wouldn’t really make you deaf, unless you are aiming for your ears. I didn’t cover my ears when I was firing like a freak and my hearing is still in excellent condition until now, although I still experience the ringing thing inside my ear.

I think the government’s attempt to ban PVC cannons is a kind of hopeless for in almost every place I’ve been to, I could see guys clutching those pipes with their arms ready to fire anytime they wish. It cannot be classified as a firearm because it uses denatured alcohol as its “ammunition.” Also, the cannons can’t be identified as fireworks since they aren’t stuffed with black powder or pulbura in Tagalog. But the boga is labeled as hazardous to people due to its manner of operation and certain side effects. If I may drive to my opinion, before anyone makes an attempt to pull that trigger he must be fully briefed on how to control and fire up those PVC cannons, much like the use of real guns equipped with real ammunitions. And again extreme caution plus great amounts of courage are vital requisites regarding the use of boga especially if you are the faint-hearted or if your blood pressure easily shoots up through the roof.

I haven’t mastered the skill of firing up a PVC cannon yet, but I can now qualify as a terrorist.
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At Thu Jan 04, 07:39:00 PM, Blogger utakgago retorts...

Boga ang tawag dun? I call it as a 'kanyon', simply because anywhere I go - maririndi na lang ako with the impact.

I hate those inconsiderate people who fires that 'boga', but somehow - they have the freedom to fire it, so let them do it.

But I think it's safer - rather than those firecrackers na nakakaluray ng laman. :P    

At Thu Jan 04, 09:29:00 PM, Blogger Mike retorts...

Well, according to my cousins and some news reports, boga ang tawag sa PVC cannon.

Sa umpisa, yes, nakakarindi, as you may have described it, yung sound. But I believe once you got to try it, the feeling is awesome. Haha.

I also think that PVC cannons are much safer than, say, firecrackers. Although medyo nakakaluray ng tenga yung boga, it won't cause impending damages only if you'd be careful.    

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