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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

My December 31

I think I already like last minute shopping. I get to have what my fingers point at, whatever that thing may be it is very likely that it will end up queuing at the cashier and getting packed inside the shopping bag. Late this afternoon I happily pointed at three merchandises in SM, and they all ended up as collector's items.

Round 5.30 pm I accompanied my parents to the mall to purchase gifts for those unfortunate relatives whom they have forgotten to include in the list. My parents are still, uhm, young and vigorous and they have misrecollected five people, two of who are my mom's godchildren. I shouldn't have mentioned vigorous for I am merely stating the obvious. My parents, especially my mom, make effective alarm clocks particularly in the morning when I fail to hear the tooting of my cell phone. Usually my dad would wake me up in the morning, and he would knock at my door as rapidly as he can like there's no tomorrow, and as hard as his knuckles can bear, making an impression of a jack hammer. Then he would yell my name and give a litany about my everyday chronic tardiness. He also does the same thing to my sister, who is harder to pull out of her bed. Then I would find out that my dad had just wakened up five minutes earlier than us.

Back to the mall. I assumed that since it’s December 31 everyone would also have the same idea of rushing to the mall and think of this day as the end of the world. However, it was not like the usual crowd I have seen during the peak hours of the holiday season; as if there was no celebration on this day since there were very few people lurking around. Then I thought, maybe the people have gone to their respective provinces to welcome the New Year. With this unforeseen phenomenon we happily bought our gifts minus the headaches, vertigoes, and strained knees and ankles. My mom decided to give each of my two newly-wed cousins a rice cooker from American Home which is quite cheaper than other brands, a blue polo shirt from Bench to my uncle who is the youngest in their family, and Montanara sling bags plus a pair of Nike socks – my suggestion – for my other two cousins.

As for the items my index finger has aimed, they were not really that costly but they certainly made my mom think for a while. First, remember the black Toblerone chocolate? It finally materialized on the shelves and racks after years of nostalgic salivation, and at long last I got not only one but five of it. The last time I have eaten the stuff was when I was around 11 years old. Second, I got myself a black racer back tank top from No Fear, small size, even if I know that I am not beefy. I have read in a shirt wrapper one time when I was looking for briefs that tank tops, racer backs, and sandos are all different from one another due to their styles. Tank tops have a thinner shoulder strap and fit your body perfectly, no matter how lanky or thickset you are; racer backs have a very short piece of clothing material shaped like the Nestle Pure Life logo, and barely exposes your shoulder blades. Sandos are, well, sandos, only larger and have a more plunging neck line. But in any case, they are all for the same purpose.

The third one is the most useful of all: a blue Faber Castell highlighter. I’ve been yearning to buy myself one but I always forget to drop by at the bookstore. And whenever I do drop by at National the only time I would remember the highlighter is when I have already set my foot inside my room. Faber Castell is a fairly new brand as compared to the popular Stabilo Boss, although it can be argued that Faber Castell has been around for years but I think nothing can beat Stabilo Boss for its set of highlighters. The latter brand is refillable so the risk of ink drying up can be overlooked for there is always a standby refill. I’m not sure if Stabilo has created the refillable type, and I haven’t seen one myself.

So there goes my third and last post for this year. I have to stop here. Have to get myself earplugs; all those fireworks are killing my eardrums. I thought fireworks and that PVC boga are already regulated and/or banned?

Have a blessed and joyous year ahead of you, everyone.
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