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Puckering Time

It's now or never.


0925: A moderator called our attention telling us that the program’s already started. We entered the SE Aud, find ourselves seats, and tried to listen to Abe Olandres. I’ve been hearing his name for quite some time, but honestly I haven’t read him yet. I’m also wondering whether he was the one mentioned in Twisted 1, with a son named Jeff. I guess a lot of guys are named Abe so there’s one in a million chances that it could really be him.

Around 10++: Anton Diaz talking about photoblogging. At the end of his presentation he asked the audience that if it deemed possible, we could try dropping by at his blog site and give a comment about his presentation.

1020: Oh my gosh, it’s Manolo. I read his column in the PDI, although that was way back a few months ago because I couldn’t find time to slouch and read the papers these days. I was very impressed with him, much more with the way he handled the topic on politics. “I’m a Mac user,” he exclaimed while trying to figure out his way on a PC.

1055: Break time. I was so satisfied with those two cinnamon rolls and a Plus! Apple juice – I was thinking of going back to the booth, asking for another heaping amount of the comestible. (That’s called I-R-O-N-Y.) Raisins and cashew nuts are not in my favorites list. For something entirely unrelated, I saw Irvin.

1110: A talk about podcasting by someone whose name I forgot – was it Wilson? (His name isn’t included in the program) He managed to proceed talking about the Long Tail phenomenon, something related to marketing and economics. I didn’t quite get it, and I feel sorry for myself – I have limited knowledge about those things.

Around 1140: I was literally perked up with Aileen Apolo because she talked as if she’s a friend to everyone. I like those kinds of people; I feel like doing them something in return. She gave gift packs (gift packs?!) courtesy of Google every time a member of the audience got to answer questions related to, well, Google. If I were just near the microphone I could’ve howled the answer.

Around 1210-1245: The prosumer guy, Norman Agatep. If I’m not mistaken he used a Mac for his presentation because there’s nothing like those animations in Windows. Mr Agatep read everything in his presentation. No offence to the guy but I wished he just included key points for his PPT, and explained those concepts a little further on his own. Anyway, after he shared important details it was followed by an interactive question-and-answer portion.

1245: Lunch break at the Grandstand. We had meatballs and some sort of vegetative stuff which was sad because I don’t like meatballs swimming in ketchup. Kevin said that the Friday event’s lunch was much better than what we had that day. (They had porkchop, I think) After a pretty silent lunch, we got down the Sunken Garden grounds, and took pictures.

1330: The summit resumed with Alecks Pabico of PCIJ. He sure looks like Joey Ayala with that dramatic beard and long wavy hair. It was about investigative journalism, and I see now why journalists are favorite targets of hired killers. Based on his stories, the feeling of being a full-blown serious journalist must be hellish.

Around 14++: I feel like the kidney stones of Angelo Racoma of Blog Herald were transferred to me. I understand that being in such a condition would definitely sabotage one’s mindset especially of you’re an invited speaker for an event like iBlog3 – people would be expecting something from you. But then the universe has its own sense of irony to irk us, and half the time we can’t do anything about it.

Around 1430: Malou Mangahas with her version of investigative journalism and blogging. The need for a PPT presentation was out of question for she was such a great speaker. She could substantiate all the information she’s giving out to the audience, plus her spiels were funny and arresting. She mentioned something about the rights of journalists and bloggers, that if the former gets to be sued for libel cases it would be fair to apply the same to the latter doing libelous posts. Of course she’s kidding. I hope so.

1505: Fifteen-minute break with an egg pie and another Plus! Apple juice. All that I can say is that the egg pie is cute inside the package. Then I got to see Hener and Billycoy in flesh. They look like normal individuals.

*I’ll go fast-forward.

1530-1700: A very short but interesting talk about blogging for career by Marc Macalua. His black-and white presentation matches the way he handles the audience. Then it was followed by another Mac user Jayvee Fernandez in pink shirt and preppy pants. He almost went without the visual stuff because his MacBook didn’t quite seem to cooperate. Even the Apple Remote was a disappointment. (Macs are, sometimes, choosy creatures. They would refuse orders to have a platonic relationship with LCD projectors. I haven’t actually experienced such a disaster basically because I don’t use my Mac for PPT presentations in school.) Manolo, Aileen, Malou, and Jayvee were so far the best speakers of the event. After a lively discourse on professional blogging, Gail Villanueva went to share something about blog popularity. Her blog, Kutitots.com has good contents, and like the other invited guests, she’s making moolahs from this.

Afterwards, group picture taking, then we’re off. These two-part posts about the iBlog3 is not about the event itself, it’s about me. It’s my first time to attend such an event where I could get the right information about blogging and other related stuff like broadcasting, journalism, and politics – areas that I’m really concerned about. Since I’m just a fairly new user of this bit of advancement I didn’t assume that I’d be able to comprehend everything that was handed out to me. I still have a lot to discover about blogging, and much more to learn about myself.
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At Mon Apr 16, 05:36:00 PM, Blogger Billycoy retorts...

at last! someone has said that i'm still normal!!!

nice meeting you! till next event!    

At Mon Apr 16, 07:49:00 PM, Blogger Jhed retorts...

Then I got to see Hener and Billycoy in flesh. They look like normal individuals.

I smell sarcasm. Haha! I kid, I kid! LOL.

It's nice to see someone who ACTUALLY blogged about the event. Haha! Puro "after-party" ang nababasa ko sa iba e. LOL.

Nice meeting you. Next time ulit! :P    

At Tue Apr 17, 11:04:00 AM, Blogger MLQ3 retorts...

you're too kind. thanks for the morale-boosting comments.    

At Wed Apr 18, 01:53:00 AM, Anonymous utakGAGO retorts...

wow, talagang detalyado!

buti ka pa, talagang concentrated dun sa talk. short ang attention span ko eh, except to dean alfar and mlq. :P    

At Wed Apr 18, 11:12:00 AM, Blogger Mike retorts...

To MLQ3: Sir, thanks a lot. I'm a fan. *grovels and scrapes* More power to you. And thanks for dropping by.

To Kevin: Honestly, medyo nabore ako sa ibang speakers. Next time magdadala ako ng itak at kalamansi to keep me physically and mentally alert. Share ko rin sa inyo sakaling antukin kayo.    

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