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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

The day that was, 1

Note: Time stamps are approximates.

0430: From the jungles of Los Baños I emerged still on a groggy state and managed to hail a bus plying the route to Alabang. My friends and I went on an overnight swimming, fearing that we’d get roasted alive if we did it on daytime. It’s also a good thing because I’m already running out of sunblock.

0507: The bus and I arrived at Metropolis Star Mall in Alabang. I was literally taken into an adventure ride for the Bus of Death zoomed and swerved in all possible directions along the stretch of SLEX. I called up my dad to fetch me. He said our van’s waiting for me at the Festival Mall parking area near Mercury Drug. I took a long walk.

0515: I spotted the long green Chateau Wagon that resembled a coaster bus. The driver honked at me. I screamed, “Teka lang naman, Kuya!” Our driver looked rather happy; the reason behind this I have no idea. I slid the door open, threw my things at the second row seat, and slammed the door shut. We drove in peace.

0520: Kuya Den – the driver – told me that he’d be able to bring me only up to Makati because my parents would be using the van. I said a sleepish “Sige, kahit san” then I closed my eyes thinking that I could catch a nap. I did, but it lasted for like 5 minutes or so because Kuya Den turned on the radio with the volume set to 37. Thanks Kuya.

0550: It was a smooth ride from Alabang to Makati. My estimated time of arrival should’ve been at around 0615. I brought with me my backpack, tons of stuff having been unloaded – used clothes, slippers, headphones, laptop (it was too heavy for me so I didn’t bring it). I was at the MRT Ayala Station when I realized that I forgot to bring my camera.

0625: Quezon Avenue Station. Few people went down the train, something I seldom encounter in my everyday journey from Cavite to UP. Then again, it’s vacation time.

0655: From the jeepney I unloaded myself at Vinzon’s. I felt the need to pee, and then I realized there’s a restroom inside Vinzon’s. So I climbed up the Vinzon’s Hill to check out the great amenity. Of a padlocked gate.

0710: Since I was the earliest person to arrive at the SE Aud (even the organizers themselves weren’t there yet when I came) I decided to sit at one of the benches strewn along the Sunken Garden. A lot of people were jogging, walking, chatting while jogging and walking, and they were doing it at the Academic Oval. They seem to have agreed on the same idea. Newsflash: Did you know that the Academic Oval is 2.2 kilometers long? (Collective gasp: “Really?!")

0745: I had already finished seven sticks of cigarette, and still no one that I knew made an appearance. Then I wondered, will the event still push through? I saw a group of people going down from a red Mitsubishi Adventure, and they headed straight to the venue.

0747: A lady approached me and started preaching about religious stuff. I’m in for freedom of religion, and I let people log me onto some inspirational talk about eternal life, resurrection, the concepts of heaven and hell, world peace – as long as they won’t force me to join their respective sects, or else they’d be doomed to eternal condemnation, mwahahaha! *chokes*

0812: I could barely hold my pee so I paced my way to Vinzon’s and found that the gates were now opened so I went straight to the men’s room untied my shorts and…”Almost paradise/We’re looking on heaven’s door/Almost paradise/How could we ask for more?”

0830: The booth for the iBlog3 Saturday event was open, so I registered myself. They gave me a bulk of things to bring home – a poster, magazine, and a huge envelope that encased a bunch of papers. Since the program hasn’t started yet, I decided to stay outside for a while to check out the stuff they gave me – okay, to smoke.

0845: I was cleaning my phone’s inbox when I saw a guy in red shirt, pants, and slippers heading towards the place I was sitting. He looked oddly familiar. But I was too busy figuring out who the hell texted me a mind-boggling “Hello” so I wasn’t able to recognize this guy, plus I stupidly assumed that he’d be the one to accost me. He zipped right past me.

0855: The guy in red was Kevin, and came along another guy who I definitely had no idea as to his identity. Later I found out that it was Ian.

0905: Who came first, Jhed or Aaron? I forgot.

To be continued
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At Mon Apr 16, 03:05:00 AM, Anonymous utakGAGO retorts...

aaron came walking down the street first, then jhed arrived from the jeep.

;) yeah, i knew it was you. naihi kasi ako nun so i went straight to the cr first. =)) LOL.

yeah, i'll wait for the continuation.    

At Mon Apr 16, 07:51:00 PM, Blogger Jhed retorts...

I was gonna say that Aaron came first before me.

But yeah, Kevin told you na. Haha!    

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