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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

Describe myself

Benevolently compiled information that you may actually use in case you’re wondering who the author of this blog is. (Note: Any post in the entire blogosphere resembling this one is purely coincidental. Any lingering doubts as to the authenticity of this post may be addressed to the author by leaving a comment or emailing him.)

1. My name is Mike (full name available upon request). This name is something I totally regret because apart from being too common I actually have a total of five guy friends who also have the same name as mine. In my second life I would like to be named Tiki-Tiki-Tembo-No-Sarembo-Chari-Bari-Ruchi-Pip-Peri-Pembo The Second.

2. Though I may not look like one, I’m already 19.

3. I usually spend my day reading books and dailies, doing monologues, checking out the Internet, listening to WRock, eating out with friends, and swigging gallons of coffee – Java Chip, Iced Café Mocha, or Mocha JavaKula; the good old instant variety is also accepted. The last task being the most important; failure to comply shall have a corresponding upshot, i.e. a very terrible headache.

4. I am a highly boisterous person, and I can’t stand being in a crowd of booooring people. In line with this, friends note that I constantly move (galawgaw, is that the term?) even if should keep myself in a vertical position – I keep on swaying from left to right, moving my head as if I’m looking for something. I wonder why I passed my CAT subject in high school.

5. I always carry with me a bag, may it be a backpack or a sling bag it doesn’t really matter as long as I can place my things in it.

6. Chicken dishes delight me, most especially barbecue and inasal. Dencio’s, Chiggy’s, Congo Grille, and Gerry’s serve the most heavenly and paradisial chicken preparations on Earth.

7. Before: Yves Saint Laurent Menthol Lights (Now it tastes gross). After: Dunhill Menthol Lights. Current: Marlboro Menthol Lights.

8. I have already developed a high tolerance for milk. Now it’s not a melodious beverage for me, and it has actually given me benefits.

9. My vocal cords have had a history of bleeding due to overuse. That is why you may find me occasionally exercising my vocal cords when I’m with a company, but there are times that you wouldn’t recognize my existence even if I’m just half an inch away from you. And don’t fret if I suddenly scream for no reason; it’s perfectly normal.

10. I am not tall.

11. My spiritual girlfriend is now taking a leave. She’s having problems regarding her personal life.

12. I like music, and silence unnerves me. I’m also in for radio productions.

13. I am very particular with proper diction, hygiene, and dining ethics. I am most certainly sure I would be able to tell what kind of person you are with these criteria.

14. My typical wardrobe consists of a white shirt, a pair of jeans, and rubber shoes. White is my current favorite because it’s cool to wear, and we’re in the tropics.

15. Yes, I wear eyeglasses because if I don’t I’d be the clumsiest person alive. A 425-grade spectacle is hard to misplace especially during school days.

16. My phone is a Nokia Communicator. His name is Adrian. He is roughly around 3 years old, but he looks older than his age.

17. I don’t go to the movies anymore. The last movie I saw that I admittedly having interest with was The Grudge 2 when I was a Junior High. The last movie I saw just because I was required to watch it was Ang Tanging Ina in Shangri-La.

18. I go for Adidas.

19. “I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get [in] return.” – Savage Garden, Affirmation

20. I may be snooty but believe me I’m easy to get along with. We just have to have something in common, or else I wouldn’t inhale next to you.
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