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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

Just for Fun

Ms. Melanie Marquez. We were talking about her Melanisms, a collection of her grandest statements which make fatal attempts at levity but which make perfect sense. Of humor. For some reasons people would label her "speech impediment" a variation of the English carabao - why would someone call it that way? I have nothing against Ms Marquez; she still manages to look beautiful despite her age, and her career is still, uhm, alive. A little more improvement with voice and diction, Ms Marquez, and you're a demigod. Get my professor, Ma'am Monette Flores for Speech 111 (Voice and Diction), CAL 510. Yes, fifth floor. Work those thighs so you won't get cellulites.

Note: These examples are gratefully ripped from one blog source in the net.

(During her acceptance speech at a Metro Filmfest awards night where her bioflick, directed by her late father Temyong Marquez, won an award.) "Eto na po ang pinakamaligayang pasko at manigong taon sa inyong lahat."

"Sumasakit ang migraine ko."

(When asked on S-Files if her present husband, Adam Lawyer, is her Mr. Right.) "Period na talaga; wala nang exclamation point."

(While waiting backstage during a noontime show, after watching Nikki Valdez do her dance number.) "Nikki, you're so galing. You should go to the States. You will sell hotcakes."

"I don't eat meat. I'm not a carnival."

"Eh, ikaw ba naman, durugin ang ari mo... Pag di ka naman manutok ng baril."


I got this from a friend's story. She was unsure with the plot but the statements are pretty much accurate.

Melanie Marquez was commenting on the lechon she was munching on. I believe it was from a certain restaurant which serves the dish. She called on the waiter and confronted him, "This lechon...is not!"

Melanie Marquez was accosted by a certain guy from a certain TV network. He shouted, "Hey bitch," upon which Melanie turned around and retorted, "Don't you ever, ever call me...hey!"

At which point we double over with laughter.
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At Thu Feb 22, 04:29:00 AM, Anonymous utakGAGO retorts...

"Don't judge my brother, he's not a book!"

Nakakagago (in my opinion) ang mga statements ni Melanie Marquez. But it's a good thing na hindi naman sya naiinis sa mga pang-aasar sa vocabulary nya.

At least, she's a bit humble to accept her - uhh, mistakes with English.    

At Sat Feb 24, 04:18:00 PM, Blogger Tea retorts...

Well, with regards to Ms. Marquez, with what I know about her, she's not really a bitch full of ariload.

Her grammar sucks, but I think she's humane and, well, she gave us Filipinos something to talked about.    

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