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Puckering Time

It's now or never.

Ay pu..

As early as 6 am I was at the MRT GMA Kamuning station; I was about to go home then. With me were my Pilot VBall and my Superman notebook, aside from my ID, wallet and myself. For some unknown reason I kept on humming Amber by 311. I don't know, it just kept on resonating inside my head. By sad coincidence when I was waiting the train plying the route to Ayala, a guy showed up walking towards my general direction, and he sure looked exactly like me. He was wearing a black polo shirt, khaki shorts, and a pair of white sandals to match everything. I thought there was a mirror a yard away from me because I was also wearing the exact same kinds of clothes. Plus the sandals. On a more creepy part, the guy was of the same height as I am, has a pair of black half-framed glasses (not Levi's, ha ha ha!), the same hair style, and was also singing 311! I am not kidding. He didn't seem to notice me which was great even if we were just inches away from each other. Then after a while a friend - Eric - accosted me then I told him one of the most fearful events ever happened on my life (excluding blackouts, the presence of lychees and mayonnaise, and the running out of Internet cards). I shoved my snout to the doppelganger to indicate that he's to take a look, and my friend's initial reaction was, "Ay puta!"

Aside from him Eric asked me if I have anyone with me. I showed him my notebook and my pen. He looked rather bedazzled then proceeded to confirm what he saw, "'Yan? You're kidding." How can you convince people that a pen and a notebook are the companions? I told him why then showed him the content. When we entered the train it became longer.

M.Y.M.P. - A Little Bit; Crazy for You
Join the Club - Nobela
The Eraserheads - Ang Huling El Bimbo; Magasin
Shamrock - Alipin
Sean Paul feat. Blu Cantrell - Breathe
Michael Buble - Uh, I honestly forgot the title
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You; Karma
Pussy Cat Dolls - Buttons; Stick Wit You
Brownman Revival - Maling Akala
Sugarfree - Tulog Na
Beyonce Knowles - Fighting Temptation
Natalie feat. Justin Roman - Where Are You

Eric said he'd also keep a log.
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